Residential and business bridging loans based purely on equity.

Property Upgrade

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Renovate business property

Older properties and building that are were not intentionally built for the purpose they now serve can be expensive to upgrade. Most mainstream lenders balk at renovation funding. We don't.

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Equipment Purchase

Easybridging.co.uk:Use funding to buy new machinery

Just plain old and worn out. Not up to environmental codes. No where near economical enough. Our business has moved on any current machines are defunct. A few of the reasons we bridge.

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Cash Flow

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Short term business cash flow solutions.

Many business go through cash flow problems. Whether it's incoming invoices unpaid, or stock slow to sell, we can help you bridge that gap in your companies finances.

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Easy business bridging loans

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Any purpose secured short term business funding.Many many business people and companies still use credit facilities even when they have the cash or funds in a bank account. It seems to make more sense to hold on to what they have and utilise credit lines.

We use our standing in the bridging finance market, which is highly respected, to source the best offers from our panel of independent lenders that specialise in high value short term secured commercial finance and funding.

We get you all the offers to pick a solution that serves you best and offers the best value for money.

Get in contact, under no obligation of accepting any loan offer we we are able to make. We are experts in our field and have our own unique panel of independent lenders for both residential and business finance.

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Unrivalled on customer service

We pride ourselves on having the friendliest, well educated, attentive and well mannered members of staff of any bridging loan company in the UK.

How do we know we are unrivalled on customer care? A lot of our clients are seasoned property investors and business people. They know how bridging works. The even know a few lenders personally. They prefer our simplistic and efficient attitude and overall performance and results to other companies. Many of them could even go to a few lenders themselves, however it is more cost effective to employ us to do it. Learn more at http://bridgingloannationwide.co.uk/business.html or compare rates and terms.

We find them the best deals and free up their time to do what they do themselves, not hunt down bridging finance offers.

Tel: 0845 467 9798

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The pro's outweighs the cons for them. A great service for a nominal fee, even if it is a service they could, given time, accomplish themselves. However the time it saves them enables them to concentrate on other aspects of their business.

For example, lets say we orgainsed business funding for a client that actually came in at the same cost as one of our competitors that that client had spent three or four days tracking down, then a further 3 or 4 days organising everything. Dealing direct with didn't save money, but it saved the most valuable of commodities, time.

We actually believe that  for those that are unable to prove income and need non status bridging loans, or for those that have a chequered borrowing history and need bad credit bridging finance, we are able to offer better deals than any other lender you will find in the UK today.

We have the funds sat waiting to be lent out. Get in touch today, get your bridge sooner rather than later.

Typical timeline



Contact us with your bridging loan requirements.


Approval in principal plus rates and terms completed.


Valuation completed on property security.


Paperwork completed in full by you and us.


You short term finance electronically despatched.

Auction Finance

EasyBridging.co.uk:Property auction financeSo why is a bridging loan suited to be used as auction finance?

The problem with buying at auction is that sometimes you can simply be unprepared and miss a lot for sale.

Organising financing through a bank or mortgage company can be very time consuming and with the strict regulations in place on lending institutes such as banks and buildings societies means inevitable delays.

It's highly likely that if you intend on visiting a property auction in one months time, no mortgage lender could conceivably set up and pay out a mortgage in that time frame.

A bridge through us can be organised and paid out within a matter of days.

This means that it can be used to buy the building or land with only a small monthly interest repayment, then once you have organised your longer term financing, use that to clear the bridging loan without fear of any early repayment penalty.


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