Residential and business bridging loans based purely on equity.

Residential development

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Finance for residential development.

Whether it is an existng home or property you own, something that you have bought at auction, or even a house you picked up in a BMV sale, we can arrange low cost domestic financing.

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Industrial development

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Finance for commercial devlopments.

In need of new machinery? Or do you need to expand a business property? Or maybe you just need cash flow to help improve your businesses future. We can offer a range of short term secured deals.

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Land development

Cherap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Finance for new builds.

Purchased a plot with a view to developing a few residential or businesses properties on it? Got or haven't got permission to plan or build? Our service provides a range of products to suit.

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Funding for property professionals

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Funding for land and property development.More and more people are turning to property development as their choice of profession. However, with banks, building societies and Hiogh treet lenders all bound byt strict banking and lending codes, getting a decision quick smart will not be forth coming.

We have an independent panel of private lenders at our disposal, who will lend without knowing your credit score and purely on the LTV based on the property or land used as security.

This means, fast bridging loan decision and cost effective rates of interest, combined with flexible repayment terms to suit you, not them.

Get in contact, under no obligation of accepting any loan offer we we are able to make. We are experts in our field and have our own unique panel of independent lenders for both residential and business finance.

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Cheap property development bridging loans

You may have already bought a plot of land. It may or may not have planning permission yet. Or you might have purchased a house at a property auction with a view to develop it for either resale or rental.

You night simply want to develop a property you have ownbed for some time but need funding to get the project off the ground. Unlike many other websites out there, we not a broker, touting your details to as many lenders as we can in the hope of gettin gone of them to offer you financing cheaply.

We are ont a lender ourself either. What we have is an independent panel of privat elenders that nobody else has access too. This means that the offers you get from us are not avilable through any other source or medium in the UK, which, hopefully for you, means the best, cheapest and quickest bridging loans imaginable and available.

Tel: 0845 467 9798

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As independent, privately funding, unregualted lenders, theyt are able to judge your enquiry and possibility of funding based on the actual project itself, not your credit score.

This gaurantees faster decision and quicker pay outs, plus if you have a less than perfect credit history, more favourable rates of interest.

No set up fees either. We can give you a decision in principal within a few hours and if your solicitor or legal team are quick with the necessary proof of ownership documentation and other related paperwork, pay out could be within 24 hours too.

So, without being obliged to take us up on any offer of funding for a development project, feel free to contgact us today to see if, how much and on what terms we can set up your fast development bridging finance.

Tel: 0845 467 9798

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Typical timeline



Contact us with your bridging loan requirements.


Approval in principal plus rates and terms completed.


Valuation completed on property security.


Paperwork completed in full by you and us.


You short term finance electronically despatched.

Auction Finance

EasyBridging.co.uk:Property auction financeSo why is a bridging loan suited to be used as auction finance?

The problem with buying at auction is that sometimes you can simply be unprepared and miss a lot for sale.

Organising financing through a bank or mortgage company can be very time consuming and with the strict regulations in place on lending institutes such as banks and buildings societies means inevitable delays.

It's highly likely that if you intend on visiting a property auction in one months time, no mortgage lender could conceivably set up and pay out a mortgage in that time frame.

A bridge through us can be organised and paid out within a matter of days.

This means that it can be used to buy the building or land with only a small monthly interest repayment, then once you have organised your longer term financing, use that to clear the bridging loan without fear of any early repayment penalty.


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