Residential and business bridging loans based purely on equity.


We use a panel or private lenders that are totally independent of each other and other lenders in the UK. This means that terms and conditions of borrowing can vary from each different lender.

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One constant is, typically, LTV is usually 65% maximum. We use a totally unique panel of lenders, all of which could offer different rates of interest. The only way to find out who will offer what is to ask.

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Again, because of the huge panel of private, professional and independent lenders we ar eprivy too, it is impossible to list repayment plans as each case is judged on its own unique merits.

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The in's and out's of short term financing

Cheap-Bridging-Loans.co.uk:Contact us about terms and conditions.With so many independent lenders willing to fund a variety of projects and scenario's, it makes it difficult to have a rigid set of terms and conditions. They all vary from each other based on the lendee's personal circumstances.

The do actually all offer something slightly different and unique from each other.

So the best way to find out is to actuallu enquire with the details of the funding you want. 

From there, we can ascertain who will offer what and what the specific terms and conditions of that particular package will be.

Get in contact, under no obligation of accepting any loan offer we we are able to make. We are experts in our field and have our own unique panel of independent lenders for both residential and business finance.

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Cheap bridging loans terms and conditions

There is interest and there is a maximum loan term time which is 12 months. A property or land is also required as security. There are the three key elements that all the lender sin our panel have in common.

However, rates of interest do vary from lender to lender based on the equity in the property and other contributing factors. We cannot give a decision on anything, or say anything set in stone until we have seen the nature of the application.

Tel: 0845 467 9798

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Best bet is to get in touch with us today. from the very basic details tyou submit on the contact form, we can work out exactly how much you could borrow, what the rates of interest would be and the other terms of loan would entail.

We work with more than one independent, private lender. All of which have differing criteria on their terms of loan, so having just one set of terms and conditions could, and probably would be misleading.

We need to match you to a lender or lenders and from there, can give you ther actual terms and conditions associated with the specific lender. Send us the details of the financing you require and we should be able to get back to you on the same day wqith all the details aof funding available to you based on the details you give us.

Tel: 0845 467 9798

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Please be advised, if you do secured financing through us, any property used as security is liable for repossession should you default on the repayments or fail to clear the full amount in the agreed time frame.

Howeve,r if you feel any pf the packages are not competitive enough for you compared to other lenders you may or may not have had a quote though, you are not obliged to take us up on any of the offers of bridging finance.

Typical timeline



Contact us with your bridging loan requirements.


Approval in principal plus rates and terms completed.


Valuation completed on property security.


Paperwork completed in full by you and us.


You short term finance electronically despatched.

Auction Finance

EasyBridging.co.uk:Property auction financeSo why is a bridging loan suited to be used as auction finance?

The problem with buying at auction is that sometimes you can simply be unprepared and miss a lot for sale.

Organising financing through a bank or mortgage company can be very time consuming and with the strict regulations in place on lending institutes such as banks and buildings societies means inevitable delays.

It's highly likely that if you intend on visiting a property auction in one months time, no mortgage lender could conceivably set up and pay out a mortgage in that time frame.

A bridge through us can be organised and paid out within a matter of days.

This means that it can be used to buy the building or land with only a small monthly interest repayment, then once you have organised your longer term financing, use that to clear the bridging loan without fear of any early repayment penalty.


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