Residential and business bridging loans based purely on equity.

Quick loans

Learn how and why a quick bridging loan may be the way forward for you. Also why we can offer such a speedy service when all other lenders and brokers seem to drag their heels.

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Non Status loans

As a group of independent lenders we are able to crowdsource your bridging loans. This means, as long as you have ample equity in the property, we can lend to non status and  the self employed.

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Bridging Loan

Obviously, we lend to those with a goood credit history, however, because we are unregulated, we can also offer a fast bridging loan to those that have a less than perfect credit report.

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TEL: 0845 467 9798 or Apply online

Typical timeline



Contact us with your bridging loan requirements.


Approval in principal plus rates and terms completed.


Valuation completed on property security.


Paperwork completed in full by you and us.


You short term finance electronically despatched.

Auction Finance

EasyBridging.co.uk:Property auction financeSo why is a bridging loan suited to be used as auction finance?

The problem with buying at auction is that sometimes you can simply be unprepared and miss a lot for sale.

Organising financing through a bank or mortgage company can be very time consuming and with the strict regulations in place on lending institutes such as banks and buildings societies means inevitable delays.

It's highly likely that if you intend on visiting a property auction in one months time, no mortgage lender could conceivably set up and pay out a mortgage in that time frame.

A bridge through us can be organised and paid out within a matter of days.

This means that it can be used to buy the building or land with only a small monthly interest repayment, then once you have organised your longer term financing, use that to clear the bridging loan without fear of any early repayment penalty.


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